July 21, 2009

Which one is better?

It's been three days i didn't come with any post. Actually right now i'm quite busy with my design of the work bench for the bending part of the monorail.

So today, i tried to come with some issues.Yesterday, before i'm going back from work,just had a discussion with my friends, about where we want to go after completing our studies.

I've come with my own opinion which is, i like to work and study. As a technical background students currently studying in mechatronics. I think it is better for me to gain my experience and at the same time i go for a class completing my next certificate. So from here, i can get both which is experience and a degree.

however, my friends came with other opinion,which is,they want to further their studies first before working.both of this opinion has their own pros and cons but only us who can determined their reason. to all of you who are currently a student...what's ur opinion?...

is it good for us just to further our study or work and study?...what's ur opinion?...

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