July 19, 2010

[Sale] NEW Sony Xplod XM-ZR602 350W for Sale

SONY XPLOD AMPLIFIER XM-ZR602 350W for sale...
Brand NEW !!!


channel configuration : 2/1
low pass filter(selectable)/slope: 80Hz-18dB/oct
signal to noise ratio(Rated Output): 97dB
Total Harmonic Distortion(1kHz): <0.005%
Input: Number of Channels: 2
Toroidal Transformer: Yes
Line In: Input sensitivity(V): 0.3-6
Load Capability: 2ohm
Dual Mode Capability: Yes
Current Drain(Rated Output Power at 4ohm): 15A(at 4ohm)
Weight(kg): Approx. 2.0kg

Price: RM 580 (negotiable)
including postage

details about this product click HERE

any inquiries can email me at aizatmx89@gmail.com

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